List of the Flat Iron Collective Cities

A List of the Towns that Make Up the Flat Iron Collective

Ferrous – The most western town and the largest of the collectives

Wootz – A large city built around the edge of a Dragonback

Kerry –  A fortified town on the southern edge of the collective, built near the lake country

Bessemer – The southern most town in the collective a fronter town known for its mines and rough character

Azlogrow – The seat of the Flat Iron Council; The most central of the cities

West Iyoham / East Iyoham – a City split through a Dragonback. On the main Caravan route into the foothills

Non-Flat Iron Cities

Zhoeridge – A mixed city of Kun Tan and FIC rule.  A stop over for Caravans.

Gun Tal – The great city on the coast, a Kun Tan Protectorate

List of the Flat Iron Collective Cities

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