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Welcome to the Campaign!

To prepare for the Campaign, players should read the Players Guide and then start working on a character.  All the pages here are for background and free for players to review and use for background and ideas.

For a background on the world you'll probably want to review the first campaign in this setting, Endelwyne: Only Gods Survive the Fall of Empires at

E:OGS is set in the eastern side of the continent and will focus on heroes trying to hunt down the mysteries surrounding the fall of the Assarisan Empire and the release of Totem-Gods across the world.

This Campaign will be set on the far western side of the Great Range and will center around the eastern most of the Seven Jewel Cities, The Flat Iron Collective, a collective of city states that function as a single metropolis in support of the Caravans, at the start of the Mountain Foothills.  You can see a map at Flat Iron Collective Area Map.

To the west of the Flat Irons is a dense temperate rain forest, inhabited still with monster and ruins of legend.  One of the primary purposes of the Flat Irons is to maintain the open caravan road between the Flat Irons and the western coast.  On the coast is a great port city named Gun Tal.  It is a Kun Tan Protector and considered part of the Sun Emperor's domain.

Main Page

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