A battle for the frontier…

…as a way life changes forever

The continent of Endelwyne sits between two great Empires, and until just a few generations ago was home to the Great Assarisan Empire on the continent's western plains.

For generations trade across the world, from the Kun Tan in the West, to the Impernal in the East had to travel across the massive mountains and the great western plain of Endelwyne.  This trade was made through great caravans.  Rolling wagons, the size of houses, pulled by massive beasts of burden made their way across the mountain passes and the wide plains.  To service the trade and caravans cities grew in the mountains.  These seven jewels both feed good and services into the caravans, but also depend exclusively on the caravans for their very survival.

Three generations ago, cataclysm came to the East.  A great Horde led by a totem-god called the Wild Hunt swept across the plains and wiped the Assarisan Empire from the face of the world.

In the west, in the first of the Jewels, the Flat Iron Collective the loss of the Assarisans is now being felt.  Ferrous, the largest of the collective towns has was always tasked with defending the trade route between the coast and the Flat Irons.  This difficult journey through a temperate rainforest has always been assured by soldiers and workers from the Flat Irons.  With the wealth that flowed into the city from the Kun Tan traders, the military defense was easy and robust.

This year though, only four caravans have been reported, down from a peak of nearly twenty.  The challenges of crossing the plains without the protection of the Assarisan, and the loss of the goods the Assarisans produced, have dropped the profitability of caravans for both sides.

While the flat irons were sheltered from a great influx of refugees in the East when the Assarisan Empire fell, the Collective is now struggling with how to live when the caravan lifeblood has started to wain.  The Flat Irons will feel the changes to the economic structure more than any of the other Jewels and will feel it first.

… deep in the mists of the coastal forest, enemies forever kept in check now watch from the shadows, plotting their return.

Endelwyne - Campaign 2

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