A list of known Totem-Gods can be found here:

Totem-Gods were the gods of the plains people, after they had forgotten the name of the true Human God, who created them.  By worshipping a totem for enough generations the totem earn power, or was sometime bonded to the soul of a great hero or king. A totem-god's power come from the amount of worship the followers give to the totem and sacrifices that are made to it.

When the Assarisans conquered a new people they took their totem, and the attached totem-god, prisoner.  Bonding the people to the Empire and in a sense imprisoning the god in its own totem.

On the Western side of the mountains, away from the Assarisans and their Gods, totem-gods are more of a legend or story, with no practical bearing.  In the [[Triverst Woods]] the monsters have their own Gods and beliefs.  The Humans in the Flat Iron region typically follow the same ancestor worship as the Kun Tan follow.

The Kenku in the Flat Iron region have their own God names Kenokawatal.


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