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The Gods and the Creation of the World

Most races in the World have a personal, racial God.  Each is a reflection of the Race, or the Race is a reflection of the God, depending on which side of the theology one believes in.

Each Race has a sightly different creation story, but generally it is believed that the Racial Gods came first, either from the darkness, or the primeval wilderness, etc. and created the race and put them in the world.  Different beliefs exist about where the Gods came from.  Some do talk about a first God, that created all others, but most belief systems don't trouble themselves to much with that.

A few examples:

  • The PCs have heard rumors that the Dwarven God,  Gfdolgen lives on a great basalt throne deep in the mountains and rules his people as an immortal tyrant.
  • The Gnome God Bindelifindilbumbledin is rumored to travel the world.  Tavern keepers tend to worship him, or have a small alter for Bin regardless of their race. Stories are that he can show up and become the life of the party.

Most Gods however do not reside or like to interact directly on this plane.  The plane they reside in is not well understood, and each race has a different name or idea for where their God resides.

The one exception to this rule are the humans.  Legends states that the Clerics of the Human God guarded his name so tightly, that over time they have forgotten it.  With the loss of the name came the loss of his power and so the Humans have turned to all sorts of different worship.  The Assarisan Empire rose to power collecting and holding hostage the Totem-Gods of the Plains People and forcing them to worship the God-King Assar.  In some cases, groups worship spirits, ancestors or holy places, but for humans none of these have the same power as having a God of their own.

The History and Geography of the World

Endelwyne is the continent in the middle of the world.  To the north of the continent is a dangerous and impassable northern sea, known for constantly shifting and razor sharp ice flows.  Additionally, in the uncharted north of the continent is the great forests from which the Horde was raised and pour forth to annihilate the Assarisans.

The South of the continent is a broken land of canyons and poisonous gas volcanoes.

Running north to south through the middle of the continent is a massive mountain range, that is nearly impassable, but for the generations of development and exploration of the races that live there.  The mountain landscape spans the entire breadth of terrain, from wind swept tundra above tree line, to deep valleys that stay warm, even in the winter.  Crossing the range is the Caravan road, and along the road the Seven Jewels.  The Jewels are great cities which thrive through the constant travel across of the caravans.

The caravans are the exchange of goods between the world's two great empires, theKun Tan and the Romenian Republic.

The History and Geography of the Flat Irons Collective



In prehistory the forest between the coast and the start of the Great Range was populated by a great empire.  The ruins are rumored to still be found in the deep forests, but very little else is known about them.

At the beginning of recorded history, the Flat Irons were villages of mixed races that had come together to mine and use the mineral wealth in the foothills.  The Flat Irons are great stone formations that are like walls set at about a 20-deg angle, always leaning towards the east. These formations are many 100s of feet tall, nearly as wide and miles and miles long.

The roads and rivers in the Flat Irons area have to pass around these great Dragon Backs, as they are sometime called. The Dragon Backs are the edge of the great forest and where the land starts to raise to the foothills.  The landscape is covered in clumps of white birch, oak and outcrops of red and white sandstone. Scrub oak glens create thick shelters under which small villages sometime grow. 

Flat Iron Collective Specific Cities and Locations

The Flat Iron Collective towns formed around exposed mineral deposits, abundant fresh water and good land.  The area has a great deal of natural wealth and beauty, which has caused the lifestyle of the area and its people to be open, advanced and accommodating.

The Flat Iron Collective as a political entity was formed as an official league of united villages around the time that Kun Tan explorers first made contact and started bringing their goods to the Endelwyne shores.

In a coincidence of History, an Explorer from the East, named [[Zebulon Pixes]] also reached the Flat Irons, after making a route through the mountains from the East.  Zebulon's route became the basis for the caravan route, when he convinced several Kun Tan tradesman to return with him.  Over the centuries the caravan route grew in importance and volume.  The Flat Irons, being the first of the Endelwyne cities to receive the caravans from the Kun Tan, are quite advanced and wealthy.

The cities of the FIC are all independent.  They are typically ruled by a Laird and a council.  The council is elected, and from the council the Laird is elected for life.  Lairds nominate a a representative from the city to represent them at the Flat Iron Collective Council, which meets regularly throughout the year.   Most of the cities have a middle to high renaissance style.  The buildings can be up to a few stories tall.  They are always decorated in bright colors and exposed wooden beams.

Each city has a Kun Tan district.  Depending on the size of the city and how close it is they district can be different sizes.  Adventures can find Kun Tan made wears in this towns, but their are generally tightly bound back to the Empire and not welcoming to outsiders, other than for trade.

Prior to the fall of the Assarisan Empire each of the cities had an embassy from the Assarisans.  After the fall, these isolated Assarisans gathered together and created a community in - to keep their culture alive.

Each City has a different flavor, see the List of Flat Iron Collective Cities and Major Townships for more details.  However the common dress and culture is similar to high middle age, or early Renaissance.  Technology has advanced such that life is comfortable for most city dwellers. For example food and recipes have advanced through Kun Tan influences and the natural bounty around the area.  Craftsmanship in all things is at an advanced level, furnishings are equivalent to those crafted during the Enlightenment, the pinnacle of handmade culture.

Water power is used and well known for menial work like making flour or crushing ore.  Metallurgy has advanced with various alloys having been developed and understood.  Literacy is common, well over 50%.

Behind all the trappings of culture is a high percentage of store keepers and tradesman with a a great deal of disposable income, and time.  To make the best use of both, balls, parties and extravagant games of political intrigue are thread throughout the FIC.  Crime is sophisticate, careful and keeps to the shadows.  It is more likley for a thieves guild to deal in secrets and blackmail, than murder and mayhem.  Thievery is common, but so are spells and traps that are easy to come up to protect the things one finds important.

Races of Endelwyne

(What a PC of this Race Knows)


The humans of Endelwyne are typical of the PHB descriptions, varied, active and one of the bedrock races in the world.  In the FIC they make up the majority of the races in the cities.   As a PC, you will need to decide something about your faith, do you worship an ancestor, a totem-god, nature, etc.


The Elves of Endelwyne are at a cross roads.  For generations they have lived in serenity in their palatial cities deep in the valleys of the mountains.  They have been ruled by a King, Thindelwyne, nearly immortal and a speaker for the Elven God Gwenthelden, but because of the intense familiar culture the King was seen as more of a benign uncle, rather than a ruler.

That all changed when Thindelwyne came to the aid of the Assarisan refugees.  These mostly human rabble were protected with a great showering of magic and siege engines during the

This was a turning point for the race, the first time that they actively intervened with their power in the politics of the world.  It split the race.  One faction, represented by the deep goodness of the elves saw the intervention as completely necessary to save thousands of souls.

The other faction, represented by the elitist elven character, their superiority side, saw the action as completely beneath them. Like stepping in to stop a cockroach from eating an ant.  As such, this faction has taken to a darker path, to restore their faith and their society.  To do so, maybe require the sacrifice of the same number of souls they saved.

As a PC you will need to decide which faction you're in. Since the split, a civil war between the elves maybe on the horizon.

The consequences of Assarisan intervention may be the loss of your immortality and a God that has died, and become two….


All the PHB descriptions hold, with the additional item of what do you believe? Do you lean to your human side, and have a somewhat undefined faith, or do you lean to your elven side, which could very much put you at odds with your own nature and half of your heritage.


The dwarves of Endelwyne all carry a grudge.  It is cultural and breed into each dwarf.  To others this grudge results in them being very much of neutral alignment.  Dwarves are not evil, generally, but they also don't hold to that "Noble" dwarf ideal of goodness that is common in the dwarves of say the Forgotten Realms for example.  The dwarven race have lost something and at the core of their stony hearts they project that lost as disagreeable and antiestablishment behavior.  They are generally dismissive of almost all the other races and are rarely seen on the surface.


The dragonborn are rare, but live in isolated pockets throughout the mountains. The description in the PHB holds.


These are a very rare race, but basically the same as the PHB.

Kenku (see the Monster Manual)

There is a percentage of Kenku in the FIC, and if you want to play one we can discuss.  They are proud race that claims the great forests as their homes.

Minotaurs (non Player Race)

Minotaurs have a large city, which they call the Labyrinth, under the White City.   They are bodyguards and enforcers for the White Council.  In the FIC they will only be observed if they are also working with a White Council Wizard.

Tabaxi (see Volo's Guide to Monsters)

The Talaxi are a race of cat like creatures.  They are also the vast majority of the population of the Kun Tan Empire.  Some of the Kun Tan leadership and royal family are Rakshasa.

Players would need to discuss their character to play a Tabaxi.

Note that the Kun Tan have a strict Honor Code.  More on that can be found at the Kun Tan Honor Code page.

Other Races

All other races in the PHB or Volo's Guide are available for PCs, just need to discuss your background and fit into campaign.

Building Characters

Generate stats by rolling 3d6 and applying them to any stat you want.  You can choose one stat to re-roll, and can keep the higher of the two.

Add an Honor stat.  It is treated the same as a the other stats (like a seventh stat; bonus follows the same schedule as the others).  Roll a 3d6, the unmodified roll is your starting Honor.  Especially low (<8) or high (>12) need a reason and description for the rating.

Make sure you check the Unearthed Arcana Page at Wizards of the Coast, as any playtest material is allowed as long as we discuss. I highly recommend the new Ranger build in the UA page and I am open to a character playing that if they are interested.

All non-evil alignments are allowed.

Custom backgrounds, or backgrounds found online are allowed, as long as I can review.

I am a big fan of organizations in game worlds. Unions, Leagues, Guilds, etc add a lot of flavor and color to the world.  If you want to be a member of an organization let's design it together and make sure it has a strong presence both in the game and in the world.  We will need a few NPCs and a well defined structure and purpose for any organization.

All PCs need to have an arc that I can try to work into the story.  As you create you character, if there is a story line associated with him or her let's talk about it.  If you have a grave enemy, lost sister, selected random troupe from an online generator, whatever, let's see if we can work it in.

As a player I also would like to know what your play preference is, hack/slash, puzzles, narratives, etc.  I want to make sure we tailor as much as we can for each player.

Any Cleric, Paladin or religious affiliated PC will need to align to their racial God.

Wizards need not be affiliated with the White Council, but if they are Human will be aware of their power and will have to have a well defined reaction to White Council members and the organization at large.  The White Council does all within their power to monopolize magic and magical learning so spell books and components can be hard to come by for those branded by the Council as "rogue".

Upload your PC to the "Character" section using the 5E template, included.



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