Great Range

The Great Range is the name given to the Mountains that split the continent of Endelwyen.

The Mountains are the home of The Seven Jewels, as well as the well trodden and well maintained Caravan Route.  The Caravan route is a wonder of the world.  A super highway that allows for the great Caravans to traverse even in the worst of winter weather.

The Mountains are also home to the Elves and the Dwarves and various other races, monsters and ancient ruins.  Because of the great height of the mountains one can often experience all the seasons, simply through traveling across them.  The valleys are so deep that even in winter they tend to be warm and temperate.  The middle peaks seem to be in a perpetual state of autumn, and depending on the season maybe a warm, Indian Summer, or cool with a harsh nip in the air to single the coming of winter.

Their beauty is unsurpassed and many adventures have traveled their roads and trails only to see the next vista or to see another nameless peak.

Great Range

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