Assarisan Empire

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The Assarisan Empire was the great empire of Endelwyne and ruled the great plains in the East for nearly 800 years.

Three generations ago, a Horde led by The Wild Hunt swept from the northern forests and taiga and in less than two years wiped the Assarisans from the face of the world.

The destruction of the Empire lead to a huge influx of refugees into the eastern cities of Endelwyne. The refugees were saved from the Horde by a selfless act of the Elves, coming to their aid, a decision that has caused great strife within the Elven communities.

With the loss of the Assarisan Empire and the stability the tyrannical empire brought to the wild plains the rates of caravans across the mountains has started to wane, seriously putting in jeopardy the very survival of the cities, the economies and the lives of their citizens.

Its also clear, that with the fall of the Assarisan Empire that the that Totem-Gods have been loosed on the world to play havok after centuries of captivity.

Assarisan Empire

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