Vithmiris Walahmar

A mysterious power broker that needs help with a mission


Vithmiris started life in the Flat Irons, born to a family of some means. His father was considered at one point to be selected to the council. However, the mine that the family had own for generations suddenly played out and the family found themselves in dire financial times.

Vithmiris’ father found his skills worked well in a variety of business endeavors, he used the last of the families wealth, and most of their property to purchase a few wash houses and taverns around Wootz. Seeing this as much beneath his families honor, Vithmiris took to the streets and started his own small income earning endeavors. He was just 12.

While his family worked hard hours to keep the multiple businesses running around Wootz, Vithmiris grew into a seasoned trader and negotiator. He quickly became a well known independent service provider of couriers and secrets. By the time he was 22 he had accumulated enough wealth to reestablish his family. But he didn’t Rather, finding his new life to be so much more than what he thought he wanted, he kept is growing wealth and power quite secret.

Now, nearly 55, Vithmiris finds himself at the Center of a conspiracy he doesn’t fully understand. His foresight and instincts are telling him danger is just around the corner, but for now he is keeping his ears open and mouth shut.

Vithmiris Walahmar

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